The History of Richards Homewares

In 1939, Richards Homewares was founded by Myron Freelander under the name of Richards Plastic Company in Los Angeles, California. At the time, Myron took sheets of vinyl, die-cut them, sewed elastic around the edges and sold them to the dental industry as head rest covers for dental chairs.

In the late 1940s, Myron's son Bernard joined the business, working to develop consumer products from the same vinyl. Sweater and blanket bags, suit and dress covers, and indoor furniture slip covers were among the many items. 

These products were marketed to the notions department of department stores across local Los Angeles, and over the years more and more products were developed. Most of these early products were developed in vinyl, and at one time the product line even included a popular series of raincoats that sold to every department store chain in the Southwest. 

Richards was the first manufacturer to go off-shore for sourcing, and by the early 1970s had grown to become a nationwide supplier to the notions industry. In 1976, Bernard's son Robert joined the business, beginning another era of change for Richards as Robert pushed the company into a wider range of product lines. Wooden hangers, steel garment racks, wardrobes and canvas garment bags were all among the new products.

After 50 years, the name of the company was changed to Richards Homewares, Inc., which better described the nature of the business Richards had evolved into. The company relocated to Portland, Oregon in 1994, an environment where it could afford larger facilities to handle its steady growth.

Richards has survived, and flourished, for the past 23 years, and is on course to keep topping itself year after year. The benefit passes down to its customers, with ever expanding product lines and more reliable and affordable supplier networks. Whether you're looking for bathroom or bedroom organization, or for 2017's new garage organization, Richards has what you're looking for.